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Let’s get together. Let’s become one. Let’s fuse our skin and share our bones and crawl about the world, terrifying & inspiring to all who see. {x}

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Okay but imagine:

  • Peter Parker going to a fan convention as Spiderman
  • Peter Parker getting compliments on his Spiderman costume
  • Peter Parker entering a Spiderman Costume Contest
  • Peter Parker losing said contest
  • Peter Parker losing the contest to Deadpool

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The tutorial of how I achieve watercolor effect in Sai! :) I highly recommend using real watercolor paintings (your own or ones found on the internet) as reference.

And here you can find a few useful links: 

  1. You can download the Sai file of this picture here: link 
  2. Video process of painting another picture: link
  3. The old watercolor tutorial: link
  4. Sai brushes (none of them is made by me) link + file you need to open them in Sai: link
  5. Awesome watercolor brushes made by Kyle T Webster: link

Here’s the finished painting: link

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I tried to pray that night. God didn’t answer me, but another did.

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